Statue of Liberty began as a side project for singer/songwriter Bobby Bradford while he was playing guitar for an indie-rock band called BlackBloom. It was while playing in BlackBloom, during the summer of 2007 that Bradford first started collaborating with Marywood Kate. The pair had known each other for a number of years, both attended the same high school, where they established a quick friendship and always seemed to share an interest in music. As the years went by they managed to stay in contact, crossing paths every once and a while as they both pursued their own music journey.

In the summer of 2007 Kate received a phone call from Bradford asking if sheʼd be interested in recording vocals for his song “Thick of It All.” Kate agreed and the two began developing harmonies for the song. The two seemed to have a natural report with each other, writing and recording the parts with ease. It was as if the harmonies were already there and they just needed to bring them to life. “Thick of It All” was a departure from the style Bradford wrote in up until that point but after working with Kate, he quickly became intrigued with the possibilities that this new sound could offer. After completing a demo of the song Bradford dropped off the recording to a local radio station and much to their surprise, the demo ended up receiving local airplay. This was the inspiration for Bradford to continue to write more material for the duo.

In the fall of 2009 Bradford had written a number of songs under the name Statue of Liberty and approached Kate about recording material for an EP. She agreed and the two started working on demos for their then untitled release at the beginning of 2010. It was during this time that Bradford found a picture of himself and Kate at The Statue of Liberty during a high school band trip. It was stranger than fiction as Bradford had always used the alias when he wrote songs. After finding the photo, the two decided to keep the name.

The next five months were spent developing their ideas into a concept. During that summer of 2010, the pair grew even closer, writing and arranging material for the EP and working side by side. Inevitably they fell in love with the being on the road, spending days in the studio and crafting their art.  Recording began at The Institute of Production and Recording with their close friend Scott Miller producing and engineering. He recruited session players Ry Dill on bass and Jimmy Finelli on drums. In the fall of 2010 Bradford and Kate relocated to Des Moines, IA and began developing their live show, performing at a number of local venues and throughout the Midwest. As they reach the one year mark, Bradford and Kate plan to release their debut EP entitled, The Up State in May of 2011. After spending the Summer on the road, the pair made plans to move to Boulder, CO where they plan to assemble material for their sophomore release.

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